"We strive to create a fun, kind and uplifting atmosphere to help you appreciate your body." 

Dearest FZP Community, 

It is with overwhelming sadness that we announce that FitZonePLUS will not be re-opening its doors. Twelve weeks ago we suspended our operations in order to protect our students and staff. 

We have made the extremely difficult decision not to reopen our bricks and mortar location. The future of our industry is very uncertain during these times, and with no confirmed plan for re-opening businesses of our nature, combined with the possibility of being forced to close again at a moment’s notice, there is no financially viable way forward for us. Our business is built on strong interactions, socialization before and after classes that are full and brimming with energy. With strongly divided opinions on both sides of the pandemic, our absolute commitment to both instructor and student safety must be our highest priority. 

We are deeply saddened that we must lose the place that so many of us have called home these last almost 7 years, and are extremely thankful for the relationships we have created with everyone that has walked through our doors. We have guided each other through some of the best and worst times, and we are truly proud of everything & everyone that became a part of FitZonePLUS! This has been a very special space & time for us that we know won’t be forgotten.

Although the studio has been closed its doors 12 weeks ago, we have and will continue to have open hearts and minds in this uncertain time. We strived to take our programming online 10 weeks ago. We have decided to once again walk in a different direction with our online services and at this time we feel that is not realistic for us to be continuing with our classes online at this time. 

We are so grateful that we remained connected with many of you, and are again thankful for the encouragement that came along every step of the way.  

We would like to thank all our staff and members for your unwavering support, without you all FitZonePLUS would never existed. We wish you all the best and hope we can be together again in the future. 

With Love, 
All from FZP