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May 24/2020

Hello to the FZP community!

Tonight @ 7pm EST 
Nessa Hallman, FZP Director will be making a LIVE announcement, followed by a complimentary 45 min virtual seated gentle Hatha Yoga Class.

We will be opening the room 15 mins before hand, at 6:45. 

To attend, please copy and paste the link below into your web browser

May 5/2020

New Announcement - FZP is “Retooling”

Dearest members of the FZP community, 

We have been so appreciative to be able to offer our virtual classes and services to our community these past two months as we have gone through this global pandemic together.  

While there is much good that is happening - the birds are singing, the season is turning, the earth is healing and much change is in the air; we also recognize that we have gone through traumatic events as business, as community and as individuals. This is not easy to say, write, describe or effectively communicate as each of us are dealing with our own complexities of change that has come to us thus far. 

This of course also extends to us as a business. From the beginning, we have been connected with developments and guidelines, being one of the first businesses to recognize and halt our in studio classes. The most recent governmental announcements, guidelines and news, have given us even more to contemplate moving forward.

After much consideration, as of May 5 we are pausing our virtual classes and taking the next two weeks or so retool.

We have experienced many cycles within the lifespan of FZP and we are now getting 
ready to get ready, for the next season or cycle.

This is a time to for us to evolve as a business, as teachers and as individuals. We want to take this time to make space, refocus, re-center, and adapt our business model to appreciate the changes that are to come, and the changes that already have. We are looking to the future in hopes that we all come out the other side of this shut down, in a better position to support this wonderful, accepting, supportive community. 

We will place all memberships on hold, and ask for you understanding and support during this time. We will be keeping our email address open,, as we wish to keep an open line and bridge of communication. 

FitZonePLUS has been among many things, a true labor of love for us to be able to support, and it continues now, and we look forward to the future together.  

With love and hope,  

Nessa Hallman
Fitness Director

June 1, 2020. 

Dearest FZP Members, friends and family,

We have seen the many changes that have been brought to our lives and our community throughout from the Pandemic.

FZP is once again offering classes online, and we have more changes to come along the way. One more change, is that I would like to bring to our community, is the ability to help other Female Entrepreneurs throughout the world, starting with a peer to peer fundraiser, helping some amazing woman in Belize, who are also feeling the negative effects of the Pandemic.

This week, we are hoping to raise funds in exchange for attending our Virtual Classes. After that, we want to keep raising funds to empower Female Entrepreneurs in Latin America to thrive.

Please Visit our GoFundMe Page @

For more info.

Thank you,

FZP Fitness Director​