"We strive to create a fun, kind and uplifting atmosphere to help you appreciate your body." 

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Yoga meets you where you're at. As long as you choose the right class for your level and the right studio environment, there is a class for everyone. At FitZonePLUS, we use props and offer variations and options, in every class.​
Ditch the Workout and Join the PARTY! It doesn't even feel like exercise - we promise!

FUN, easy to follow, 50 minute and 1 hour, lower impact, multi-level classes that alternate between fast and slow songs to ensure everybody can keep up. 

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We've learned that our clients prefer to work with trainers and other clients who have shared similar experiences. Makes sense, doesn't it? 

Our Personal Trainers have a positive voice to offer you! We encourage you to move away from judgement, have a really fun and great work out! 
FitZonePLUS is a supportive, judgment free yoga and fitness studio. 

At FZP, we strive to create a fun, kind and uplifting atmosphere to help you appreciate your body.  

We welcome everyone who can benefit from our intimate, size-inclusive classes. 

Every instructor has been specifically trained to work with ALL bodies and sizes. 

For us that means offering helpful and healthful variations for exercises and yoga postures that work for the individual.

We believe that everyone's fitness journey is unique. We want to encourage our members to find fitness that works for them on many levels - emotionally, energetically and physically. 

You will never feel intimidated by our staff or members alike! Our community is supportive of each other!